Friday, April 12, 2013

A bookworm gets an e-reader

Spring seems rather temperamental this year. Though the snow has melted here this last week has been very rainy and chilly, with some excellent thunderstorms, and so I've remained inside with some good books and a steaming mugs of tea.
My birthday was last week and my future parents-in-law got me an e-reader. I quickly became excited about it, even though I'm a fan of the 'ol paper copy books and I hadn't given much thought about owning an e-reader. What I'm particularly excited about is that I can "borrow" a great deal of e-books from my local library and most literary classics are available through Project Gutenberg (helllloooo JS Le Fanu, Alexandre Dumas, and Jane Austen!). It's a bookworm's dream.

There was, and still seems to be, a feeling of anxiety among many that e-readers are the undoing of the book industry. I don't know the figures, but I feel that book lovers will always keep buying paper copies of books. With libraries now lending out copies of e-books, it's yet another way they've maintained their relevance and importance within their community. 

Personally, if I read a book I love that I've come across digitally through my e-reader I'm still going to go out and buy a physical copy, because you never forget your first love and your first love is worth bringing home.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Leaping over puddles

It's that time of year that the snows are melting and we're all hopping over puddles. Here in Southern Ontario, spring is becoming less hesitant and seems to be asserting itself. It's a lovely feeling, to open the windows and let spring air freshen a sleeping, wintry house. The baby daffodils and tulips are reaching towards the sun. I've even started thinking of those summer clothes in storage.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Where I blog about my wedding

It was inevitable, all. I was bound to blog about my wedding at some time or another.

Besides, it's really beginning to dawn on me. Hubby and I are getting married in July... which is NOT THAT FAR AWAY!! Hurray!  We are getting married in a park overlooking lake Huron, followed by a Sunday luncheon in an old coaching in. It's going to be so much fun!

Everything's been a family effort so far and I couldn't be more grateful. Seeing as I'm enormously sentimental, I'll be wearing my mum's dress (a near dupe to the one shown here!), grandma Alice's pearls (worn by her, as well as my mum, on their wedding days - I get shivers thinking about it), and my future mother in law insists we visit a milliner to find a hat. Hubby's sister has been wonderfully generous and has found a suit for him (he looks so handsome, ladies). A friend of ours will be playing some music in the park for the ceremony and another friend will be the photographer. We are have wonderfully caring, talented family and friends, and couldn't be more fortunate to have them contribute to our wedding. 

We have an old-fashioned budget, so we're having an old-fashioned wedding and I wouldn't want anything else. We want to keep everything as simple as possible. So long as everybody has a good time, is well fed, and has a proper drink in their hand we'll be happy. Then, weather permitting *fingers crossed* we'll be off to the beach in the afternoon!