Sunday, April 4, 2010

sherlock holmes

sherlock holmes, irene adler, professor moriarty, dr. watson...

foggy victorian london, a seemingly unsolvable mystery steeped in the occult, brilliant costumes and great actors. guy ritchie made a great job of bringing the world of sherlock holmes to the screen. i'm a fan of both guy ritchie as well as the works of sir arthur conan doyle. nevertheless, i was frankly a little skeptical about the movie being true to his work. i'm sure many doyle fans have varying opinions on the matter, but while the film was not a literal representation i find that it was a respectable one. i was excited to find the character of irene adler brough to film; the only woman to outsmart holmes. the challenge she set to holmes' intellect caused him to respect her, so it only makes sense that ritchie wanted the character of adler as a love interest in the film. if anything, the costumes and setting make the film worth watching.

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