Saturday, April 10, 2010

a thought on jane eyre

while walking my dog this morning my thoughts turned to jane eyre as ruby sniffed amongst the brushes and i stared at the creaking, budding trees outside the house. it's been over a month now since i've read the book, and it's been over a month now since it became part of my all-time favorite books list.

i had read wuthering heights in high school and had also immediately fallen in love. around christmastime i felt the urge to read it once more, and that i did. i'll most likely be posting about wuthering heights in the times to come. for the last year or so i've been quite taken up with reading classic novels, especially those of the gothic and romantic periods. after re-reading wuthering heights i thought it only fitting to read jane eyre. i found an old copy of jane eyre amongst my parents' piles of books. from page one i was hooked. jane eyre is unique as a heroin. she doesn't dream of finding mr. perfect, she strives to do her work well and to be a respectable person and throughout it all she sticks to her guns. in times of self-doubt, i believe she still knows herself well enough and follows her heart. i love the gothic elements in the novel; when jane and mr. rochester first meet. i love the humour which exists in their relationship, which is not simply all sighs and passion. the two genuinely get along. oh how i wish to visit haddon hall and dream of it as thornfield manor...

to say the least i am captivated by the bronte sisters and their work.



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