Tuesday, June 29, 2010


must blog about frankie magazine. as i already adore some of australia's exports (such as lisa mitchel, who is an absolute source of delight) i wasn't surprised to love this new favorite. my brother's dear and lovely australian girlfriend has introduced me to the magazine and i just love perusing the website.
it features many things i love; great new bands, sweet and fun feminine clothing, new must-see movies, art, all things vintage... and so many more lovely and interesting topics!! i can't wait to get a copy of my own from australi-er!

i've posted some of my favorite images taken from their site.


  1. such amazing images! my fav are the 6 mini pictures together. :)

  2. Just found this lovely blog of yours through twitter. So many great images! Going to add you to my RSS feed right now :) Paris in Pink