Thursday, November 1, 2012

Adventures and new beginnings

About a month ago I moved to a different province to be with my fiancĂ© in Southern Ontario. My brother made the trip of well over 2500 kilometers with me in just two days.  We took turns driving and made very good time, taking the route along Lake Superior and Lake Huron.

The whole journey seemed to be a Group of Seven painter's dream of golden and fiery leaves, sharp hills, lapping waves, and strong winds to animate nature's canvas.  Northern Ontario along the Great Lakes is stunningly beautiful and I am happy to have witnessed it in autumn's brightest palette of colours.

The Sleeping Giant outside of Thunder Bay, Ontario. Storm clouds were brewing, but after the rain came one of the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen.

(Can you spot the rainbow?)

On the second day we took the Chi-Cheemaun ferry across from Manitoulin Island to Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula. Clouds were scarce that day.

The trip was memorable for its sights and for the fun my brother and I had driving to our destination.  I found that good company, tasty/frequent snacks, entertaining/interesting podcasts (here's to you The Nerdist, In Our Time with Melvin Bragg, Keith and the Girl), and a sense of humour are paramount to the success of a lengthy journey.

 The beauty I witnessed on this trip and the great memories made are experiences I now carry with me and I could not have imagined a greater launch to my new beginning in Southern Ontario.

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