Thursday, February 7, 2013

Library Haul

I'm sure many of you well seasoned net surfers are already familiar with "Book hauls" and "Shopping hauls." Though I've encountered Library Hauls, I haven't seen them as frequently and so I've decided I'll begin posting what I bring back from the library as a Library Haul.

Here's my most recent one.

I love going to the library and taking my time perusing the stacks; not knowing what I'll come across is greatly thrilling. I remember the first times I went to my local library alone around the age of ten or so; the smell of books and the lovely solitude amongst the shade of the stacks is an experience that shaped who I am and what I love throughout life.

Though I'm keen on all the books I brought home with me, the "treasure" I found was "The Eldon House Diaries" which is a collection of the diaries of the former inhabitants of a local house and historical landmark called Eldon House (about which I must gush about here soon). The house was inhabited by a wealthy English-Canadian family and the diaries document a great deal about Victorian life. (I'm trying not to read it at present because apparently my fiancĂ© has ordered it online for me, but it`s lost somewhere in shipping limbo, though the bits I have read are fascinating!)

(Tempted to cut out sunglasses from black construction paper for Keira Knightley.)

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