Tuesday, March 12, 2013

We are travelers

I love writing things down with pen and paper. I also love using Twitter as a way of sharing the fascinating and inspiring things I encounter throughout the day with others. Lately, I've thought about certain quotes or factoids I've shared in the past and though I know the information is still out there, I'd love to have access to these bits of information in paper form.  

For Christmas I received some beautiful notebooks from family and since then they've sat on my shelf for me to admire and dream about their future contents. Finally, I've decided that I'll begin a new journal of sorts - writing down the quotes and facts I encounter every day into these notebooks. 

To me, writing these things down is also a way of remember how spectacular life really is on a daily basis. It's so easy for the humdrum of responsibility and the pressures of everyday living to get us down and have us think that our lives are small., but by detailing what's exciting and fascinating in life we can be brought back to that utterly essential sense of curiosity and awe for the world that surrounds us. We are travelers through the universes of art, history, science, music, fashion, fauna, and film, and we should never forget this if it can be helped.

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