Monday, April 12, 2010

dreams of provence

the latest episode of anthony bourdain: no reservations aired last night. i love anthony bourdain. i read his book, kitchen confidential, enthusiastically last summer and was greatly entertained with his sarcasm and story-telling capabilities. it is this book that led to his eventual hosting of no reservations. he's intelligent, eager, curious, and a foodie. bourdain doesn't present an area and its inhabitants as would a travel agent; smoothing over any shadows. he acknowledges that the complete history of a people has contributed to food and culture. corners of the world visited are presented - i believe - honestly. last night bourdain ventured to provence. yes, it's spectacular, yes it draws tourists like flies to a jar of honey. there's a reason for it though. it's freaking provence. i now find myself dreaming of charcuterie, infinite varieties of cheeses, fizzing glasses of iced ricard, a sunny sky and meals served in a courtyard surrounded by trees and flowers. oh, and i am desperate to find a mortar and pestle to try my hand at making proper aioli.

dreaming of summer. missing the endless supply of fresh herbs and vegetables in my yard.

there's something important, i find, in appreciating our food. appreciating our food and the people with which we share it seems to be often forgotten in my little bubble which is north america. eating quality ingredients in quality dishes which are shared with quality people says something about being able to enjoy life. the same notion as "stopping to smell the roses", or the garlic.

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  1. Aioli is all well and good but it's in duck fat that the secret to great cooking resides!!

    I haven't been to Provence (or France for that matter) and rely on the yearly Tour de France to whet my one-day-to-be-sated appetites for touts les choses Fran├žais.

    [have enjoyed thumbing through your blog - thank you]