Tuesday, April 13, 2010


there's something to be said about wallpaper; a detail often forgotten in many modern homes and renovations, yet glorious when remembered. certain wallpapers are so lovely that they must be well worth the labour and care. when visiting toronto a few years ago with some friends, i was entirely caught up in the old wallpaper which covered the walls of an old bank which now houses the stanley cup, while my friends gawked at the cup. it was a rich green colour with endless curlicues that caught the light and gleamed like magic. it almost seemed alive.
i had to stop myself this weekend from buying a forty-dollar book about wallpaper and various prints, both vintage and modern. i especially love vintage prints...
recently, i was gushing about wallpaper to my boyfriend, who knows i very much dislike modern drywall, to which he commented slyly, "you know you'd need drywall if you wanted wallpaper". fine. i guess i'll have SOME drywall in my dream home, but only to accommodate some glorious vintage-print wallpaper.

dreams of having birds, flowers, berries on my wall in rich, royal colours...

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  1. i love floral wall paper :)
    something about them makes the room look nicer!
    btw, your blog is lovely :) xxx